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October 2022

Dtsch Tierarztl Wochenschr. 1992 Feb; 99(2): 51-4.

[Homeopathy: an effective and risk-free alternative to conventional pharmacotherapy? Part 1: Hahnemann and his teaching]

Löscher W.

Institut fr Pharmakologie, Toxikologie und Pharmazie, Tierrztlichen Hochschule Hannover.

The article considers the attractions and dangers of homeopathic therapy from the view of a pharmacologist. Homeopathic drugs may exert pharmacodynamic (but also toxic) effects at low dilutions (D0-D6), but there is no scientific proof for specific effects of higher dilutions except for substances with a high toxic potential. Most homeopathic drugs have no reasonable basis for clinical use but, in case of toxic compounds, especially those with carcinogenic or allergic potential, homeopathy may bear risks for the animal and, because of residues in food animals, also for humans. Thus, homeopathic treatment should not be used when effective conventional treatments are available, and the use of homeopathic drugs with toxic potential should be avoided.

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