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October 2022

Schweiz Rundsch Med Prax. 1992 Mar; 81(13): 411-4.

[The "Lifecare Concept" of "ecological cancer prevention". Report No. 29]

Hauser SP, Deplazes G.

Schweizerische Krebsliga, Bern.

The Lifecare concept of ecological cancer prevention is summarized in the Lifecare Fitness Checkup and contains: Lifecare questionnaire, Lifecare age test using Vincent's bioelectronic method. Lifecare reform programme according to Kousmine and a whole food, fresh fruit and vegetable diet in accordance with the nutritional pyramid, personal health counselling based on the Lifecare philosophy and ecological holistic medicine. Subjects are tested and supervised by a Lifecare doctor who has been admitted to the Lifecare Association. Only the prophylactic Lifecare testing and supervising would require roughly one physician per 1000 subjects. In 1982, the equipment costs were DM 13,000.- and the test DM 150.-. The Lifecare Association was founded as a non-profit organization in 1986 with its headquarters in Zurich. Mrs. T. Büchi-von Arx is the initiator of the Lifecare Association, Dr. Lietha is founding president, and the current president is Dr. M. Vogel, Lugano. The main promotors are named as Dr. h.c. A. Vogel and Bioforce Ltd. The association promotes a Lifecare philosophy on the basis of ecological holistic medicine, which itself is based on the terrain theory. It is maintained that the cause of degenerative diseases such as cancer and rheumatism is an alteration in the terrain brought about by over-acidification of the tissue resulting from metabolic disturbances. Vincent's bioelectronic test supposedly enables changes in the terrain to be detected even before the subject becomes manifestly ill. The aim is to exclude ecological toxins. Apparently the terrain can be normalized by a diet rich in vital substances. No scientific investigations are available on the hypothetical Lifecare concept of ecological cancer prevention.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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