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September 2022

Schweiz Rundsch Med Prax. 1992 Mar; 81(12): 359-74.

[Movement therapy. With special reference to functional disorders of the locomotor system]

Oliveri M, Gamper U, Hagmann H, Hofer HO, Huber E, Zahnd F.

Rheumaklinik und Institut für physikalische Therapie, Universitätsspital Zürich.

Physical therapy by movements is of importance in several medical fields, in particular in rehabilitation. A great variety of possibilities for treatment by exercises and manual therapy exists. In a first part we outline a useful and problem-oriented nomenclature derived from actual applications of physical therapy by movements based on various concepts. The bases and applications of functional therapy by movements, by training or manipulative procedures as well as other therapeutic means are presented. The therapeutic climate and the relation between doctor and physiotherapist are briefly explored. In a second part we present the most important traditional concepts of treatment by movements in a more detailed way.

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