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September 2022

Brain Res Bull. 1992 Aug; 29(2): 157-64.

Activation of the satiety center by auricular acupuncture point stimulation.

Asamoto S, Takeshige C.

Department of Physiology, Showa University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan.

Stimulation of the rat inner auricular regions that correspond to the human pylorus, lung, trachea, stomach, esophagus, endocrine, and heart acupuncture points evoked potentials in the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus (HVM), the satiety center. Needle implantation into any of these points reduced the body weight to its initial 290 g after the rat had gained about 410 g in 20 days, and significantly reduced initial 450-g body weights (p less than 0.01, Student's t test) in 14 days. Stimulation of other acupuncture points did not evoke HVM potentials and did not reduce body weight. After the HVM was lesioned, body weight increased and acupuncture point needling had no effect on body weight. Needling of the auricular acupuncture points evoked no potentials in the lateral hypothalamus (LHA), the feeding center, and had almost no influence on weight reduction induced by LHA lesion.

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