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October 2022

Ter Arkh. 1992 ; 64(1): 64-7.

[The reflexotherapy of patients with respiratory allergoses]

Nezabudkin SN, Kachan AT, Fedoseev GB, Gamaiunov KP.

The paper is concerned with the results of medicamentous, reflex and combined methods of the treatment of 685 patients suffering from respiratory allergoses. Corporeal acupuncture (CA), intal specific hyposensitization (SH) increased 100 times the resistance to allergens; auricular acupuncture (AA), combination of CA with intal increased it 100-fold; SH and CA 1000-fold. CA significantly reduced whereas SH raised the content of IgE in plasma. The content of IgE remained practically unchanged when SH was coupled with CA. The latter one significantly raised plasma cAMP and decreased plasma cGMP. The highest clinical efficacy was attained with the use of combined CA, SH and intal.

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