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October 2022

Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi. 1992 Apr; 12(4): 216-8, 196.

[Ischemic apoplexy treated with acupuncture using the principle of replenishing qi and promoting blood circulation]

Lai FS.

Acupuncture Department of Xiyuan Hospital, Academy of TCM, Beijing.

32 cases of ischemic apoplexy were treated by acupuncture using the principle of replenishing Qi and promoting blood circulation. The clinical efficacy and the change of nail-fold microcirculation and hemorheology before and after the treatment were observed. Result: The total effective was 93.75%. Before the treatment, the microcirculation of nail-fold was markedly abnormal, and the criteria of hemorheology was abnormally elevated. But after the treatment, together with the recovery of nail-fold microcirculation and hemorheology, the clinical symptom and sign of the patients also improved. Thus it showed that acupuncture method had the function of changing the microcirculation and the hypercoagulability of the patients' blood, further promote the recovery of the function of affected cerebral tissue.

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