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Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi. 1992 Apr; 12(4): 203-6, 195.

[Treatment of severe chronic hepatitis B by combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine therapy--with an analysis of 122 cases]

Wang CB.

302 Hospital of PLA, Beijing.

This paper is a summary report of treatment of 122 cases of severe chronic hepatitis by combination of TCM and WM therapy. Among them, 44 cases were in their early stage of disease, 66 in their intermediate stage, and 12 in their advanced stage. They were treated by basic therapy with hepatic cell growth factor (HGF) added to some of them. The patients were divided into two groups, one receiving treatment of blood-cooling and detoxifying Chinese herbs, the other receiving treatment of heat-clearing and detoxifying Chinese herbs. The treatment was effective for 52 cases, and ineffective in 70 cases. Values of serum bilirubin (SB) and prothrombin activity (PA) and the time of initial consultation had marked influence on their prognoses. No difference was found in total mortality between the two groups, also no difference was found in mortality between the former and latter group with or without the addition of HGF at the early stage of disease. The survival rate of the former group was significantly higher than that of the latter one with HGF added at their intermediate stage of disease, which were 60% and 14.7% respectively, P less than 0.01. The conclusion is that as diagnosis and treatment were based on the Syndrome Differentiation of patients at intermediate stage of disease, Chinese herbs will be effective in many ways such as lowering and eliminating jaundice, improving symptoms and signs, preventing and curing complications, curing coexisting diseases, and repairing pathological lesions.

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