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October 2022

Rom J Intern Med. 1992 Jan-Mar; 30(1): 63-7.

The in vitro action of a succussed substance on the proliferative response of human lymphocytes stimulated with phytohemagglutinin.

Chirilă M, Hristescu S, Manda G, Neagu M, Olinescu A.

N. Gh. Lupu Institute of Internal Medicine, Bucharest, Romania.

Human peripheral blood lymphocytes from healthy controls, immunodepressed patients presenting chronic bacterial infections or neoplasias and from allergic patients were stimulated in vitro with phytohemagglutinin (PHA) in culture medium supplemented or not with 1 x 10(-7), 1 x 10(-15) or 1 x 10(-30) succussed dilutions or bee venom or phosphorus in tridistilled water. The most significant inhibition due to DNA incorporation was noted in lymphocytes from allergic patients cultivated in media supplemented with 1 x 10(-30) succussed substance dilution in the presence of PHA. The cells from immunodepressed patients did not show a significant inhibition at 1 x 10(-30) dilution. Hypothetically, we try to explain these findings as the expression of the changes induced by the succussed solution on the water molecule which in turn, influences the chemical structure of the cellular membrane and implicitly, its functions.

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