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October 2022

Psychiatr Prax. 1992 Nov; 19(6): 225-8.

[Delusion of possession in a Korean patient and therapy]

Heise T.

Evangelische Nervenklinik, Stiftung Tannenhof, Remscheid.

Through a Korean freechristian priest, who brought about an atmosphere of syncretism, a Korean patient was introduced by withdrawal of sleep into a shortterm state of artificial psychosis which lead to her attempting suicide. The therapeutic intervention based on the ideas of Rogers was successful in creating a basis of confidence between the patient and the doctor. Through this process it was possible to obtain further personal information, in particular concerning the patient's grandmother, who was a shamanistic mudang. In connection with the knowledge about the patient's cultural background and its ties to shamanism, and respecting the cultural content without evaluating it, a good presupposition was given for an effective therapy.

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