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October 2022

Nurse Pract Forum. 1992 Sep; 3(3): 161-8.

Vulvar vestibulitis syndrome.

Secor RM, Fertitta L.

Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome (VVS) is a condition characterized by dyspareunia, introital erythema, and tenderness. A subset of vulvodynia, VVS may be acute or chronic. If acute, a specific underlying cause is often identified, and when properly treated the condition is likely to fully resolve. In contrast, chronic VVS is less well understood and is often multifactorial. Treatment is aimed at providing symptomatic relief and should begin with the least invasive approaches such as the use of topical xylocaine, oral antiviral therapy, acupuncture, and hypnotherapy. Interferon injections may be tried as last line medical therapy. Surgery has no role in treatment of acute VVS and is considered a last resort therapy for management of chronic VVS. Effort should be made to support the patient throughout the lengthy management process, encouraging patient participation, including negotiation of the treatment plan, and providing ongoing counselling and education.

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