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Soz Praventivmed. 1992 ; 37(5): 223-30.

[Therapy for smoking: consensus in German-speaking countries]

Kunze M, Schoberberger R, Abelin T, Gutzwiller F, Keil U, Kruse W, Matthys H.

Institut für Sozialmedizin, Universität Wien.

The german speaking countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) are not the most advanced in the world when it comes to the control of tobacco related diseases. The medical system in these countries has yet to be convinced that smoking cessation is not only necessary but feasible. In order to provide a basic document for further activities, a consensus development process was initiated. The consensus development process forms part of the activities performed by the UICC (International Union Against Cancer) Project Smoking Cessation, which is a project within the framework of the UICC Tobacco and Cancer Programme. The 1988 Report of the US Surgeon General states very clearly, that the use of tobacco products is not a matter of free choice, but is the result of an addiction as scientifically valid as the addiction to heroin and other narcotics. The scientific literature provides informations on many methods and techniques for a smoking cessation, both pharmacological and non-pharmacological. Many pharmacological approaches have been tried to treat nicotine dependence in man. According to scientific standards and many controlled studies, nicotine has been the only drug found to be effective in treating nicotine dependence. Many techniques, ranging from self help to sophisticated combined therapeutic approaches including pharmacological interventions, are now available to deal with the nicotine addiction. Smoking cessation treatment uses time, effort and other resources and the question of reimbursement for these services has to be considered. As with any other form of treatment, costs needed to be paid either by the individual patient/client and/or by other sources including private and national health insurance systems.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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