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September 2022

Zhen Ci Yan Jiu. 1992 ; 17(1): 54-8.

[Effect of He-Ne laser acupuncture on lymph-nodes in ras]

Yuan D, Fu Z, Li S.

Hebei Medical College, Shijiazhuang.

The lymphocytes and antigen presenting cells in lymph node of rats stimulated by He-Ne laser acupuncture were observed by using TEM and SEM to investigate the ultrastructural changes of them. There were numerous activated T-cells which showed deeply indented nucleus, abundant small void mitochondria and free ribosomes in the paracortex area. The B-cells were gradually differentiated into large lymphocytes, immature and mature plasmatic cells which with a lot of rough endoplasmic reticulum. They were prominently increased in the pulp area. The macrophages had short processes with numerous folds and microvilli and tended to neighboring lymphocytes. The nucleus pores were increased. There were a lot of pinocytosomes, phagosomes, lysosomes in various size of macrophages. The bundles (5-6 nm in diameter) of microfilaments of the macrophages were extended from the cytoplasm to the processes. The interdigitating cells which contained the characterized single layer of rER, numerous polysomes, mitochondria and well-developed Golgi-complex were closed to macrophages and lymphocytes. In conclusion the activities of the cellular immunity and humoral immunity were enhanced by laser.

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