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September 2022

Food Chem Toxicol. 1992 Aug; 30(8): 719-22.

Effect of Caralluma tuberculata on the cytological and biochemical changes induced by cyclophosphamide in mice.

al-Bekairi AM, Qureshi S, Ahmed MM, Qazi NS, Khan ZA, Shah AH.

Quality Control and Research Laboratory, College of Pharmacy, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Treatment with Caralluma tuberculata extract induced complex biochemical and cytological changes in mice. Its cytotoxicity in the bone marrow cells of mice was comparable with that of the standard drug cyclophosphamide (CP); however, unlike CP, C. tuberculata was not clastogenic (as shown by the micronucleus assay). A dose-dependent decrease in the RNA content of liver and testes was produced by C. tuberculata treatment whereas there was no effect on the content of nucleic acid and protein in the brain. In the extract-treated animals there was a significant and dose-dependent increase in the DNA content of the liver, with a negligible effect on the protein content. Combined treatment with C. tuberculata and CP showed that C. tuberculata diminished the effect of CP on DNA levels; however, RNA levels were further suppressed, resulting in increased cytotoxicity. Pretreatment with C. tuberculata extract significantly reduced the clastogenicity of CP. These results indicated the involvement of different phytoconstituents acting by different routes.

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