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September 2022

Fiziol Zh. 1992 Sep-Oct; 38(5): 42-5.

[Hyperventilation syndrome and reflexologic methods of its correction]

Levashov MI, Iaroshenko VT, Lytvynova AM, Gapon OI.

Acupuncture has been studied for possibility to be used for correction of hyperventilation disorders. Diagnostics of hyperventilation syndrome (HVS) was carried out on the basis of data of clinical, laboratory and functional methods. Acupuncture was carried out using the first (strong) variant of classical inhibitive procedure of acupuncture. It was shown that reflex therapy decreased electroencephalographic characters of dysrhythmia and exaltation and paroxysmal activity as well as inter-hemisphere asymmetry in patients with HVS. Parallel with a decrease in the degree of negative subjective sensations, minute respiratory volume, non-informity of regional ventilation were observed to decrease and partial oxygen pressure in alveolar air--to increase. The positive results of reflex therapy of HVS indicate that it is possible to correct hyperventilation disorders using no pharmacotherapy.

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