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October 2022

Indian Pediatr. 1992 Nov; 29(11): 1373-7.

Sleep pattern and night awakening in healthy infants.

Singh H, Gill PJ, Soni RK, Raizada N.

Department of Pediatrics, Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana.

Sleep pattern and night-awakening were studied in 500 healthy infants by a semistructured interview method. A total of 92.2% infants shared bed with their mothers, 6.8% with grand parents and 1% with fathers. Paternal participation at bedtime was observed to be insignificant. Infants of non-working mothers and families with vegetarian habits slept significantly more as compared to the working mothers and families with non-vegetarian habits. Night-time awakening was reported in 96% of the infants. If a child is functioning well in other areas of life, parents can be assured that the problem is not of serious concern and unnecessary medication of infants should be avoided.

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