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October 2022

Zhen Ci Yan Jiu. 1992 ; 17(2): 117-22.

[Effect of circadian rhythm on the action of acupuncture to prevent the formation of experimental gastric ulcer]

Cheng X.

Department of Acupuncture, Beijing Hospital of TCM.

Taking rats and mice as subjects, observation had been made on the protecting action of acupuncture to prevent the gastric mucosa from experimental injury. The pH value (by accurate test paper), gastric acid output (by titration), the secretion of PG in gastric mucosa (by radioimmunoassay) were observed altogether at 1-3h, 5-7h, 9-11h, 13-15h, 17-19h and 21-23h. All of the above indices were changed along with the alternation of day and night. And the effects of acupuncture on these indices were different when giving acupuncture at different times. The action of acupuncture to prevent experimental gastric ulcer was also different at different times. It is the general regularity that puncturing at the acrophase of circadian rhythm, the effect was mainly inhibitory, while puncturing at the valleyphase, the effect was mostly excitatory. Therefore, utilizing the influence of the various phases of circadian rhythm on the acupuncture effect, to choose the optimum time giving acupuncture could be one way to promote the acupuncture curative effect.

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