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December 2019

Zhen Ci Yan Jiu. 1992 ; 17(2): 104-9.

[The effect of acupuncture on high oxygen pressure-induced convulsion and its relationship to the brain GABA concentration in mice]

Wu Y, Shen Q, Zhang Q.

Institute of Navigation Medicine, Nantong Medical College, Jiangsu.

This paper reports the effect of acupuncturing "Renzhong" (GV26) and "Chengjiang" (GV24) points on OHP*-induced convulsion in mice. The results are as follows: 1. Convulsion induced by 6 ATA OHP were accompanied with a decrease in the brain GABA concentration. 2. When electro-acupuncture was applied for 15 minutes prior to exposure to hyperoxic chamber, the latency of convulsions was lengthened and the symptoms of seizures were alleviated. Besides, the brain GABA concentration was also elevated remarkably. 3. Administration of vitamin B6 enhanced the effect of acupuncture on convulsions and increased brain GABA concentration. 4. The latency of convulsions was well correlated with the GABA concentration of the brain (r = 0.9867). The above results indicate that acupuncture may elevate endogenous GABA levels in the brain and prevent the hyperbaric-oxygen-induced the decrease in the brain GABA content. Therefore. It is of protective effect against oxygen convulsions. Vitamin B6 may facilitate the effect of acupuncture by improving the GABA metabolism in the brain. In short, the effect of acupuncture against oxygen convulsions may be closely related to the increase in the brain GABA levels.

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