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October 2022

Br J Clin Pract. 1992 Autumn; 46(3): 161-4.

Cyclical breast pain--some observations and the difficulties in treatment.

McFayden IJ, Forrest AP, Chetty U, Raab G.

Longmore Breast Unit, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

This paper describes a retrospective study of the clinical aspects and treatment of 566 women with cyclical breast pain over a seven-year period. Figures for the effectiveness of simple treatments including some homeopathic drugs are reported. The article concludes that reassurance is the fundamental treatment. Good responses are obtained from simple and safe drugs (oil of evening primrose, vitamin B6) with minimal side-effects. The use of stronger hormone drugs such as tamoxifen and danazol was only necessary in a small proportion of patients and resulted in a higher incidence of side-effects.

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