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September 2022

Zhen Ci Yan Jiu. 1992 ; 17(3): 183-5.

[Influence of 5.7-dihydroxytryptamine on electro-acupuncture analgesia and substance P level in central nervous system of the arthralgic rats]

Cui R, Zhao F, Ma C, Tian Y, Cai H, Zhu L.

Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing.

The relation between electroacupuncture (EA) analgesia (A) and substance P (SP) level in the brain stem (BS) and lumbar spinal cord (LSC) of arthralgic rats was investigated. The rats were divided into three groups: 1)5.7-dihydroxytryptamine (5.7-DHT) + EA, 2) vehicle (V) + EA, and 3)5.7-DHT. All the animals were induced arthralgesia by injecting Freund's adjuvant 7 days after cisterna injection of 5.7-DHT or vehicle. The SP level in the BS and LSC was determined by RIA. The results indicated that in V + EA group the EA could prolong tail flick latency by 39.6%, but in other two groups did not. The SP level in LSC of V + EA group (179.1 +/- 11.5 pmol/g) was higher than that in the 5.7-DHT + EA (135.9 +/- 9.3pmol/g) and 5.7-DHT (125.8 +/- 10.0 pmol/g) groups. It suggested that both EA and arthralgia could activate the descending 5-HTergic inhibitory system to inhibit the release of SP in LSC. When the 5-HTergic system was destroyed by 5.7-DHT, the EAA was attenuated, and the SP level in LSC was lowered due to its release was decreased by EA and arthralgia.

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