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January 2020

Zhen Ci Yan Jiu. 1992 ; 17(2): 139-42.

[The influence of acupuncture on interleukin 2 interferon-natural killer cell regulatory network of kidney-deficiency mice]

Ma Z, Wang Y, Fan Q.

Shaanxi of Traditional Chinese Medicine College, Xianyang.

The influence of acupuncture on IL2-IFN-NKC regulatory network was investigated, experiments were performed on kidney-deficiency mice received the treatments of acupuncture of "Zusanli" point. The results showed that the interleukin: (IL:), natural killer cell (NKC) activity and interferon (IFN) from the kidney-deficiency mice were lower than that from the normal mice. Acupuncture increased the levels of all the IL2 and NKC activity, acupuncture promoted Newcastle disease virus (NDV) inducing the IFN of kidney-deficiency mice, but also induced the IFN directly. The results suggests that acupuncture could make positive adjustment to IL2-IFN-NKC regulatory network. It provided new theoretical basis for the principles of acupuncture theory on IL2-IFN-NKC regulatory network put forward in recent years.

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