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December 2022

Music medicine: an historical overview, indexed and annotated bibliography, and synthesis

Abstract: The following historical overview, indexed and annotated bibliography, and synthesis of music medicine literature was compiled for use by interested "healers" of both medical and musical origins. This project was inspired by the author's interest in music medicine, in the knowledge that information of this nature does not exist at the present time, and in an effort to supply an ever-increasing need for such information, especially an indexed bibliography. Therefore, the purpose of this professional project was to provide its readers with a readily available resource of 559 indexed and annotated journal articles from the music medicine literature dating from 1970 to 1989.It was also designed to provide healers with a resource manual on the uses and functions of music in medical specialities, such as internal medicine and pediatrics, and in medical subspecialties, such as music therapy and performing arts medicine. The project consists of six parts. Part I is titled "An historical overview of music medicine", the purpose of which was to present a brief historical overview of the interactive association between music and medicine. This part is intended especially to provide the reader with a prelude to the development and growth of the modern medical subspecialty: music medicine. Part II is the Keyword index, which provides the reader with an alphabetical listing of the 4,260 relevant keywords found in each of the 559 annotations of part III. Each keyword contains the citation number of the annotation apropos to the word listed. The keyword index was also designed as a music medicine thesaurus in order to provide both medical and musical specialists with the language necessary to interpret the annotations. Part III is the Annotated Bibliography of music medicine-related journal articles, the citations of which were located through on-line computer searches and hand searches. The criteria for selecting the 559 annotations for this project are presented in the preface. The journal annotations all relate to one or more of 25 specific medical specialties such as allergy, dermatology, or internal medicine. The number assigned to each annotation was arbitrarily designated in the final computing process. These numbers were then used to complete Parts II, IV, and V. Part IV is the Author index, which includes an alphabetical listing of all the 766 authors of the cited annotations found in part III. Part V is the journal index, which provides an alphabetical listing of the 235 titles of the journals from which the annotated articles were derived. Part VI is the concluding part, which contains a synthesis of the annotated music medicine literature found in part III. The synthesis, which represents a time frame of almost twenty years, has as its focus a description of the users and functions of music based on the annotated literature. This would include the use of music in various Western medical settings, such as on a coronary care unit or in a psychiatric hospital, by a variety of health and musical professionals, and for specific medical protocols. Part IV also includes a statement on the future of music medicine as a medical specialty.

Keyword(s): Music-medicine, historical-research, bibliography.

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