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March 2023

Through the lens of the artist-scientist: reflections for the pediatric oncology nurse

Journal/Book: J Pediatr Oncol Nurs. 1990; 7: 4-8.

Abstract: Science and art need not be in conflict because both require use of imagination, cognitive insight, discipline, and creative application. Conceptual shifts in neuroscience have offered new validity to intuitive beliefs regarding the mind-body unit. One example is the articulation of a neuroimmunomodulatory mechanism of tumor growth. Another critical scientific advancement is the delineation of human physiologic circadian rhythmicity. This emergent discipline asserts the time-based pattern of dynamic physiologic functioning, and thereby embraces the changing, unique, yet predictable human condition. A chronobiology of cancer is now documented and merits the clinician's attention. The nature of time creates a natural bridge between this leading edge endeavor of science and the arts; this bridge is most notably found in music. Each of these paradigms witnesses to the reality that the experience of time is frequently nonlinear. Expression of form and symbolism characterize art and serve as its vehicle. If we dare to become more aware of our experience and the tools of mind, body, spirit, and senses in ourselves and in others, we will come to view our sensate selves as possessing stature equal to that of such biologic measurements as pressure and white blood count.

Keyword(s): Circadian Rhythm. Holistic Health. Human. Neoplasms/nursing/physiopathology/psychology. Neuroimmunomodulation

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