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January 2023

Helping older mentally retarded persons expand their socialization skills through the use of expressive therapies. Special Issue: Activities with developmentally disabled elderly and older adults

Journal/Book: Activities, Adaptation and Aging. 1990; 15: 99-109.

Abstract: Discusses how the expressive therapies, which utilize music, art, and creative movement, can be an effective treatment intervention with elderly mentally retarded persons by helping them expand their socialization and communication skills, thereby reducing problems of social isolation and withdrawal. These therapies are designed to encourage participants to interact purposefully with others, assist them in expressing and communicating their feelings and ideas, and stimulate their cognitive processes and thereby sharpen their problem-solving skills. Additional goals center on sensory and muscular stimulation and gross and fine motor skill development. Exercises for each of these therapy areas are described.

Note: expressive therapies utilizing music & art & creative movement; socialization & self expression & communication; mentally retarded elderly

Keyword(s): Socialization ; mentally retarded; communication skills; recreation therapy; aged ; creativity ; art therapy; music therapy

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