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November 2022

Head, heart, odor, and shadow: The structure of the self, the emotional world, and ritual performance among Senoi Temiar

Journal/Book: Ethos. 1990; 18: 227-250.

Abstract: Discusses how the sense of self, society, and cosmos affects the emotional and ritual realms of the Temiar rain forest dwellers of Malaysia. The ramifications of Temiar socioemotional concerns for their social life and ceremonial performance are explored. For Temiars, emotional excess can lead to loss of self and thereby to illness; the aesthetics of socially organized sound (music) and movement (dance) modulate the emotions, reintegrate lost aspects of the self, and can lead back to health. The head, heart, and odor components of the structure of self are reviewed.

Note: sense of self & society & cosmos & socioemotional concerns; social life & ceremonial performance; Senoi Temiar rain forest dwellers; Malaysia

Keyword(s): Self concept; society ; emotions ; tribes ; malaysia ; social interaction; rites nonreligious

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