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January 2023

The effects of music therapy on a group of profoundly mentally handicapped adults

Author(s): Adams, Malcolm

Journal/Book: Journal of Mental Deficiency Research. 1990; 34: 107-125.

Abstract: 12 profoundly mentally handicapped adults received half-hour music therapy (MT) or play sessions, with all Ss receiving both treatments in a reversal design with 20 weekly sessions of each treatment. Four Ss in the MT groups were studied intensively. Staff behavior in the treatment sessions was observed to investigate the role of staff attention in mediating the treatment effects. The observations of staff behavior showed that (1) there was less individual attention given during MT than in play sessions, (2) there was a greater role differentiation among the staff present in the MT groups, and (3) individual clients in the groups received markedly unequal amounts of staff attention. For the 4 Ss studied in detail, some differences in behavior were shown between the treatments, and most of the differences indicated greater effectiveness of MT.

Note: role of staff attention during music therapy or play sessions; hospitalized profoundly mentally handicapped adults

Keyword(s): Profoundly mentally retarded; music therapy; recreation ; medical personnel; adulthood; Adult ; Arousal ; Attention ; Play and Playthings; Professional Patient Relations; Social Behavior. Education of Mentally Retarded methods; Mental Retardation psychology; Music Therapy methods. Human; Support, Non U.S. Gov't

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