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January 2023

King, Warrier, Magician, Lover. Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine

Author(s): Gillette, D.

Abstract: A Jungian study of immature and mature masculine psychology in our time. States that our time is dominated by either boy psychology or patriarchy (understood as an expression of the immature masculine principle). Maps the structure of the Boy and Man Archetypes in their positive and negative aspects in 4+4 pyramidal structures: The precocius Child ("Bipolar dysfunctional Shadow Systems": +The Know-It-All-Trickster/- The Dummy) leads to The Magician (+ The Detached Manipulator/- The Denying "Innocent" One); The Oedipal Child (+The Mama's Boy/- The Dreamer) leads to The Lover (+The Addicted Lover/- The Impotent Lover); The Divine Child (+The High Chair Tyrant/-The Weakling Prince) leads to the King (+The Tyrant/- The Weakling); The Hero (+The Grandstander Bully/- The Coward) leads to The Warrior (+The Sadist/- The Masochist). Analyses and examples of all 8 archetypes and 16 shadow aspects are given. Exercises and therapeutic techniques for assessing them are presented: 1. Active Imagination Dialogue: a conscious, focused way of talking to yourself 2. Invocation: a conscious, focused way op calling up images you want to see 3. Admiring Men: gathering information of "whole men" 4. Acting "as if": a time-validating technique of "getting into the character" or archetype you want to access. Contents: I: From Boy Psychology to Man Psychology 1. The Crisis in Masculine Ritual Process 2. Maculine Potentials 3. Boy Psychology 4. Man Psychology II: Decoding the Male Psyche - The Four Archetypes of the Mature Masculine 5. The King 6. The Warrior 7. The Magician 8. The Lover Conclusion: Accessing the Archetypal Powers of the Mature Masculine Lars Ole Bonde 9.12.1996, revise 28.10.2000

Note: From: Kenneth E. Bruscia: Bibliography on GIM and related topics. (April 1995). KB has designed several GIM programs based on the archetypal system presented in this book.

Keyword(s): Men-Psychology. Masculinity. Archetypes

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