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March 2023

The effect of music on imagery

Journal/Book: Journal of Music Therapy. 1990; 27: 34-46.

Abstract: Music and imagery are being used both in psychotherapy and in the treatment of physical disease. This study was a preliminary investigation of the effect of a short piece of classical music on spontaneous imagery. Eighty-one undergraduates engaged in an imagery experience with either music or silence following physical relaxation procedures and mental focus suggestions. As used in this study, the music had no effect on the number of senses, types of imagery, or percentage of time the subject was imaging or distracted. An ANOVA covarying scores on the Creative Imagination Scale (Wilson & Barber, 1978) to control for differences in imaging ability showed that music significantly (p=.003) increased the intensity of feelings experienced. Limitations and directions for future research are discussed.

Note: So "Intensity of the feelings" is what it is all about!?

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