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January 2023

Competency ratings in applications to the American Association for Music Therapy for Certification 1981-1987

Journal/Book: Music Therapy: The Journal of the American Association for Music Therapy. 1990; 9: Philadelphia, PA. American Association for Music Therapy P.O. Box 27177 19118 Philadelphia, PA USA. 82-102.

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to analyze and compare the competency ratings in applications to the American Ass. for MT for certification. Subjects for the study were all individuals who applied for and obtained AAMT certification upon completion of an AAMT-approved bachelor's or master's degree program during the years of '81-'87. Data were collected by examining the contents of every subject's application folder, which contained an application form and competency ratings from four evaluators: a. the applicant (self-ra- ting), b. the academic program director, c. the academic internship supervisor, and d. the on-site internship supervisor. The results presented in this article include: the mean ratings given by each group of evaluators for each competency; the 5 highest and lowest ratings given by the 4 groups of evaluators; and the competencies on which the undergraduate applicants were given higher or lower ratings than the undergraduate applicants by the 4 groups of evaluators. Based on these results, further study to continue to assess the effectiveness of music therapy education and training is recommended.

Keyword(s): competency, competency-based, American-Association-for-Music-Therapy, certification.

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