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March 2023

Krankheitsverarbeitung in der Fruhphase schwerer neurologischer Erkrankungen. Ein Beitrag der Musiktherapie zur psychischen Betreuung bei ausgewahlten neurologischen Krankheitsbildern. / Emotional coping with neurological diseases in the acute phase of illness: The possibilities of music therapy as a form of psychotherapy demonstrated by two case studies

Journal/Book: Psychotherapie Psychosomatik Medizinische Psychologie. 1990; 40: 115-122.

Abstract: Discusses patients' psychological reactions to the onset of severe neurological disorders and the relationship between emotional coping strategies and the outcome of rehabilitation measures. The use of music therapy in helping patients cope with the emotional trauma of acute neurological disorders is described and illustrated with case examples of a 16-yr-old male with postinfection paresis and a 22-yr-old male with cerebral lesions sustained in an automobile accident. (English abstract)

Note: music therapy; psychological reactions & emotional coping; 16 yr old male with postinfection paresis & 22 yr old male with cerebral lesions

Keyword(s): Music therapy; nervous system disorders; coping behavior; emotional responses; paralysis ; brain damaged; adolescence ; adulthood

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