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March 2023

Adolescent values clarification: A positive influence on perceived locus of control

Journal/Book: Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education. 1990; 35: 75-80.

Abstract: Examined the use of locus of control (LOC) assessments to monitor a specific aspect of an adolescent chemical dependency treatment program. 20 adolescents (mean age 16 yrs 3 mo) admitted to a hospital for chemical dependency were assigned to experimental and control groups. Ss in the experimental group attended 4 1-hr music therapy discussion groups. Each session consisted of listening to a recorded song, analyzing the song's lyrics, and processing the themes/values suggested by the song. Controls participated in alternate activities consisting of occupational therapy craft groups. Short-term modifications were noted in the experimental Ss' perceived LOC; no improvements were noted in the controls' perceived LOC. The significant posttreatment differences between the groups indicate that addictions counselors can successfully influence adolescent patients' perceived LOC.

Note: music therapy discussion groups; perceived locus of control; chemically dependent adolescents

Keyword(s): Music therapy; internal external locus of control; drug rehabilitation; group discussion; drug dependency; adolescence

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