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January 2023

Functional cerebral asymmetries and cognitive abilities in musicians, painters, and controls

Journal/Book: Brain Cogn. 1990; 13: 1-17.

Abstract: The relative participation of left- and right-hemisphere functions in verbal and spatial processing with musical composers, instrumentalists, painters, and non-musicians from student and junior high school populations was investigated. Hemispheric lateralization was related to the outcome of tests measuring spatial orientation, spatial visualization, tactile-visual discrimination, and verbal fluency. The relationship between lateral dominance and cognitive variables was influenced by sex and musical talents and the ability to paint. Males, irrespective of talents, were lateralized stronger than females. These sex differences were due to nonmusicians, only. Male and female composers, instrumentalists, and painters did not differ in language lateralization. Female left-handers showed a marked tendency for reversed language lateralization; left-handed males did not.

Keyword(s): Achievement ; Adult ; Creativeness ; Gender Identity; Intelligence ; Laterality ; Orientation ; Pattern Recognition, Visual; Speech Perception; Verbal Behavior Aptitude ; Art ; Dominance, Cerebral; Music Female; Human; Male; Support, Non U.S. Gov't

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