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January 2023

Physical and artistic processes of creativity: the development of a methodology to correlate their interaction during music therapy

Author(s): Neugebauer, L.

Abstract: This project was carried out to demonstrate the correlations between physiological changes as they occur in subjects as they improvise music with a creative music therapist. The intention was to strengthen the evidence for the effect of music therapy in the context of general medicine, in that physiological parameters provide acceptable evidence for practitioners from other disciplines, notable medicine. When doctors were asked for what indicators they would be interested in they proposed those of heart rate and breathing frequency. The study reviews the literature regarding the influence of music upon physiological parameters, and then describes a number of experiments where heart rate is measured while improvising music, at rest, during speech and while singing.

Note: Nordoff-Robbins.

Keyword(s): physiological-effects, physiological-responses, improvisation, nordoff-robbins-improvisational-music-therapy, creativity

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