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January 2023

Peripheral psychophysiological reactivity to mental tasks in children with psychiatric disorders

Author(s): Connell, J., Taylor, D. C.

Journal/Book: Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci. 1990; 240: 44-7.

Abstract: Peripheral psychophysiological reactivity (skin conductance and heart rate changes) to mental activity tasks (imagery and listening to music) was examined in child psychiatric day or in-patients with conduct and emotional disorders. Children with predominant antisocial symptomatology showed higher electrodermal than cardiovascular reactivity to the experimental tasks, whilst children with predominant neurotic symptoms showed more marked cardiovascular reactivity. No statistical differences between the groups emerged in response to listening to music, but antisocials were more responsive (with higher skin conductance level increases) to imaging pleasant situations, whereas neurotics were more reactive (increased heart rate levels and decreases in skin conductance) to imaging unpleasant situations. The results are compatible with an enhanced biological responsiveness by antisocials to reward and with neurotics experiencing an unusually marked sense of threat and withdrawal to aversive stimuli.

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Keyword(s): Affective Symptoms/diagnosis/psychology. Antisocial Personality Disorder/psychology. Arousal. Child. Child Behavior Disorders/diagnosis/psychology. Female. Galvanic Skin Response. Heart Rate. Human. Male. Neurotic Disorders/psychology

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