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December 2022

Perceived sound quality of reproductions with different frequency responses and sound levels

Author(s): Hagerman, B., Bech Kristensen, T., Lundberg, G.

Journal/Book: J Acoust Soc Am. 1990; 88: 1359-66.

Abstract: Three programs (female voice, jazz music, and pink noise) were reproduced using four different frequency responses and two different sound levels. Fourteen normal hearing subjects listened to the reproduction via earphones and judged the sound quality on seven perceptual scales (loudness, clarity, fullness, spaciousness, brightness, softness/gentleness, and nearness) and a fidelity scale. Significant differences among the reproductions appeared in all scales and could be attributed to the differences in frequency response or sound level or both. Interactions between the reproductions and the programs could be explained by the relations between the spectrum of the programs and the frequency responses used. The results for the noise program were similar to those for the jazz music program.

Note: Department of Technical Audiology Karolinska Institute Stockholm Sweden.

Keyword(s): Adult ; Music ; Sound Spectrography; Speech Perception Auditory Perception; Loudness Perception; Pitch Discrimination; Voice Quality Female; Human; Male; Support, Non U.S. Gov't

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