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January 2023

Integrative Music Therapy and its psychotherapeutic self-image. TITLE, ORIGINAL: Integrative Musiktherapie und ihr psychotherapeutisches Selbstverständnis.

Journal/Book: Musiktherapeutische Umschau: Forschung und Praxis der Musiktherapie. 1990; XI: 296-312.

Abstract: Integrative Music Therapy sees itself as a form of psychotherapy. In this context, psychotherapy is regarded not only as a curative method but also as a means of fostering and shaping personality. On the basis of an anthropology of the creative human being (only the creative person can survive), and depending on the illness in question, Integrative Music Therapy points to four complementary paths toward healing and furtherance: (1) consciousness work (finding meaning); (2) late socialization (basic trust); (3) experience activation (development of personality); (4) experience of solidarity (commitment).

Keyword(s): therapy > methodology > integrative music therapy approach; . psychology > methodology > integrative music therapy approach

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