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June 2023

Opposite musical-manual interference in young vs expert musicians

Author(s): Brusaferro, A., Bava, A.

Journal/Book: Neuropsychologia. 1990; 28: 871-7.

Abstract: Cerebral lateralization for music has been studied through a music-manual interference paradigm (tapping) in a group of young musicians (seven males and seven females) attending the 1st and 3rd intermediate grades of Udine's "J. Tomadini" State Conservatory of Music and in a group of graduated expert musicians or higher course students during the execution of three distinct tasks (singing notes, whistling a melody and singing a melody). A significant superiority of the right hemisphere (greater degree of interference with the left hand) in these tasks has been found in young musicians, while an opposite left hemisphere superiority (greater degree of interference with the right hand) was evident in the expert musicians. Other differences between sexes and tasks were not significant. The modification of hemispheric specialization occurring during academical musical training are discussed in terms of the role of education in the cerebral organization of superior cognitive functions.

Keyword(s): Adolescence ; Adult ; Child ; Individuality ; Practice Psychology; Verbal Behavior Attention ; Dominance, Cerebral; Laterality ; Motor Skills; Music Female; Human; Male

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