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February 2023

Integration - Where does it begin?... A creative arts perspective

Author(s): McMahon, M. A.

Journal/Book: The Australian Journal of Music Therapy. 1990; Australia. Australian Music Therapy Association 2/31 Abercrombie street 3103 Deepdene Australia. Journal Article.

Abstract: A Creative Arts approach at Perkin Arts Centre (PAC), Kew Cottages, Melbourne, aims to assist the institutionalized intellectually disabled person in the process of moving from an insular ward environment through to life in the community. Although the process of integration is a continuum, three stages have been identified. 1. A Creative Arts Program within a ward environment offering a wide range of experiences, for example, music, craft, ceramics, painting. The aim is to develop self-confidence and self worth. 2. Client involvement in programs moves to the Arts Centre and aims to develop and refine general skills and provide opportunities for creative expression. 3. Community Access and Integration provides the client with experiences in participating along side members of the community in their common interests, for example, music, art and craft etc. It aims to build confidence and self esteem.

Keyword(s): Integration, community, disabled, creative-arts-programme.

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