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February 2023

The effect of frequency adjustment on the vocal reproduction accuracy of hearing impaired children

Author(s): frequency-adjustment, pitch-reproduction, vocal-reproduction.

Journal/Book: Journal of Music therapy. 1990; 27: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. National Association for Music Therapy. 24-33.

Abstract: The purpose of the present study was to examine the effect of frequency adjustment of auditory stimuli to accommodate individual audiolo- gical response curves on the vocal reproduction accuracy of hearing impaired children. Subjects in the study were eight hearing impaired students with hearing losses ranging from moderate to severe. Subjects were asked to repro- duce given pitches under two conditions: (a) normal listening conditions, and (b) with frequency adjustments made in the presentation of the stimulus pit- ches to accommodate individual audiological response curves. Frequency mea- surements of subjects' vocal response were compared of each stimulus tone and a cents deviation score computed. Results indicated a significant reduction in cents deviation under Condition 2. The data were further examined for diffe- rences in cents deviation based on sequence of pitches. Data were also exa- mined for direction of deviation (above or below the stimulus pitch.

Keyword(s): hearing-impaired, hearing-loss, hearing-disorder, children, student, frequency, vocal, vocalization, pitch, pitch-perception.

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