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June 2022

Music ability and altered states of consciousness: an experimental study

Journal/Book: Int J Psychosom. 1990; 37: 82-5.

Abstract: Some theoretical researchers have hypothesized links between music and altered states of consciousness. Music can influence the induction and maintenance of hypnosis. In addition, some altered states of consciousness may stimulate the musical creativity and musical production of mankind. In this research, the relationship between music and altered states of consciousness is studied from an experimental point of view. The experiments were conducted with 30 university students divided into two groups: the Hypnosis Group and the Control Group. The "Test di abilita musicale" was applied. The first group did the retest after post-hypnotic suggestions and the second in waking conditions. The statistical analysis proved that the Hypnosis Group had better results in the retest than the Control Group, especially in the rhythm test with F(1,28) = 25.60, p less than 0.0001.

Keyword(s): Adult ; Creativeness ; Personality Tests Aptitude ; Hypnosis ; Music Female; Human; Male

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