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June 2022

Die Mikrostruktur im Musiktherapie-Prozess

Journal/Book: Musik-, Tanz- und Kunsttherapie. 1990; 1: 34-41.

Abstract: The Microstructure in the Music Therapy proces The process of m.t. as a dialogue is explained as a concerted action of two "patterns". The pattern of sound that determines percpetion and response is measured by means of frequence analysis. The voice of the client is represented by a sound pattern consisting of the fundamental, or primary, tone and the harmonics; this pattern differs individually. If it changes for any reason, this change must be measured "on line" by the therapist, and he can utilise the result of this measurement as an indicator for the therapy hat should be chosen. Over and above this, the therapist can adjust the pattern of the music he offers to match the client's individual sound pattern. Probably such methods will be preferably used in which the human voice itself is employd as part of the therapy.

Note: The Journal is not listed in PsycLit or RILM

Keyword(s): assessment. dialogue. harmonics

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