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December 2022

Towards a common language in the arts therapies

Author(s): Brandt, G., D. , Wohler

Journal/Book: The Arts in Psychotherapy. 1990; 17: 189-195.

Abstract: As creative arts therapists we believe it is important for our work that we learn a language that unites us so that we may work together. The art therapies use different expressive faculties but the source of those expressions is an underlying commonality of form and pattern. Talking about therapy is at several steps removed from the activity in which we partake. There are different levels of reporting. Level 1: the phenomenon as it is experienced. Level 2: the descriptions which we make of what happens in the therapeutic experience using a shared element of language (usage). Level 3: interpretation, where we explain what we believe has happened in terms of psychology, psychotherapy and theory in the abstract terms of language (langue).

Keyword(s): creative-arts-therapy, nordoff-robbins-improvisational-music-therapy, communication, language, aesthetic.

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