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January 2023

(Measurement of MEFV in 66 cases of asthma in the convalescent stage andafter treatment with Chinese herbs).

Journal/Book: Chung-Hsi-I-Chieh-Ho-Tsa-Chih 1989 Nov, VOL: 9 (11), P: 658-9, 644,ISSN: 0254-9034.. 1990;

Abstract: This paper reported the measurement of maximal expiratory flow-volumecurve (MEFV) for 66 cases of asthmatics in the convalescent stage. Amongwhich the data of FEV, PEF, V75, V50, V25 in 35 cases (53.03% of thetotal) gave different abnormal as compared with healthy persons. Itshowed that in the convalescent stage, most of the asthmatics stillpossessed obstruction of airways and chiefly of small airways. 35 casesof asthmatics in the convalescent stage was given the Chinese herbaldecoction of chiefly invigorating Kidney (Viscum coloratum 15g, Psoraleacorylifolia 15g, Eucommia ulmoides 15g, Lycium chinense 9g, Tussilagofarfara 15g, Artemisia capillaris 9g, and Pogostemon cablin 9g as dailydosage) for treatment of 10 weeks and measuring MEFV curves to observetheir changes before and after treatment. The results showed thatdifferent parameters of MEFV was improved in some extent which suggestedthat the airway obstruction of asthmatics in the convalescent stage wasreversible. In discussion, the authors indicated that the prompttreatment for asthmatics in the convalescent stage was conductive earlyto prevent emphysema and confirmed that the treatment with Chinese herbsof chiefly invigorating Kidney deserved to be propagated. Author.


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