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June 2023

Characterization of cytotoxic proteins from mistletoe (VISCUM ALBUM L.)

Journal/Book: Cancer Letters 51, 103-108. 1990;

Abstract: Proteins from a laboratory-made oak mistletoe extract and from thecommercial mistletoe preparation Iscador Quercus were cytotoxic forleukemia Molt 4 cells in culture. A 50% growth inhibition was obtainedwith 0.1 microgram/ml proteins for the mistletoe extract and 0.025microgram/ml for Iscador. On cation exchange chromatography, cytotoxicproteins from the mistletoe extract were mainly eluted at the samepositions as purified lectins, while those of Iscador were eluted at thepositions of viscotoxins. The data are discussed in relation to thepharmacological activities of the mistletoe protein complexes describedin the literature. Author.


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