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January 2023

Iscucin- Mistelpräparate für die prä- und die postoperative Malignombehandlung

Journal/Book: Schweiz. Ges. f. Onkologie, Dokumentation Nr. 21. Schweiz. Rundschau f. Medizin (Praxis) 79 (14), 427-429. 1990;

Abstract: Iscucin-Viscum preparations contain mistletoe from eight differenthost-trees and are produced according to a particular 'rhythmic'procedure and additionally 'potentialized'. Sterilization should beachieved by the addition of oligodynamic silver. The indications givenare: precancerous conditions, postoperative tumour prevention, operabletumours, and inoperable tumours. Each of the eight preparations(according to host-tree) has its own list of indications. Iscucin issupposed to be injected close to the tumour between 5 and 7 p. m. ; thedosage and the frequency depend on body temperature. The annual costs ofIscucin treatment are DM 140.- to 280.-, not including doctor's visits,homeopathic drugs and special diet. Koehler began to develop Iscucin in1958 on the basis of a personal communication of Steiner made in 1924.It is produced and distributed by Wala-Heilmittel GmbH, Eckwalden. MostWala publications have been written by H. H. Vogel, the medical advisorof Wala. Vogel combines Fromme's mesenchymal theories with theanthroposophical ideas on carcinoma development in that he designatesthe mesenchyma as the organic vehicle of the 'ethereal body'(Atherleib). Carcinomas develop on depletion of the mesenchymal forces;mistletoe, on the other hand, activates the mesenchyma. No preclinicalor clinical investigations are available. However, the performance ofcontrolled clinical studies is hardly possible, since the supportivemeasures considered to be essential cannot be applied according to aspecific schedule. Iscucin is not registered in Switzerland at the IKS.Author.

Keyword(s): ANTINEOPLASTIC-AGENTS-PHYTOGENIC/ TU (therapeutic use)

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