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June 2023

Effect of a preparation from VISCUM ALBUM on tumor development in vitro and in mice

Journal/Book: J. Ethnopharmacology 29, 35-41. 1990;

Abstract: The effect of Iscador, a commercial preparation made from Viscum albumwas studied on several cell lines using in vitro tissue culture as wellas tumor-bearing animals. Iscador was found to be cytotoxic to animaltumor cells such as Dalton's lymphoma ascites cells (DLA cells) andEhrlich ascites cells in vitro and inhibited the growth of lungfibroblasts (LB cells), Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO cells) andhuman nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells (KB cells) at very lowconcentrations. Moreover, administration of Iscador was found to reduceascites tumours and solid tumours produced by DLA cells and Ehrlichascites cells. The effect of the drug could be seen when the drug wasgiven either simultaneously, after tumour development or when givenprophylactically, indicating a mechanism of action very different fromother chemotherapeutic drugs. Iscador was not found to be cytotoxic tolymphocytes. Author.

Keyword(s): ANIMAL

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