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January 2023

Changes in sensitivity of the isolated guinea-pig vas deferens induced by a lyophilized PHORADENDRON LATIFOLIUM leaf infusion

Journal/Book: J-Ethnopharmacol 28 (2), 183-9. 1990;

Abstract: The effect of a lyophilized mistletoe infusion (LMI) was studied onisolated guinea-pig vas deferens. LMI caused a contraction which waspartially blocked by phentolamine but not by atropine. LMI caused ashift to the left of the norepinephrine concentration-effect curve(CEC), an effect which appeared to be blocked by atropine and was absentin animals previously treated with reserpine andalpha-methyl-para-tyrosine. The increase of the norepinephrine maximalresponse induced by LMI was not blocked by atropine or pharmacologicaldenervation. LMI caused a shift to the right of the acetylcholine CECand had no effect on the acetylcholine maximal response. These resultssuggest that the effects seem to be due mainly to the presence ofpotassium ion in the LMI; however, the participation of muscarinicagonist(s) of reduced intrinsic activity or some tyramine-like substancecould not be ruled out. Author.

Keyword(s): ACETYLCHOLINE/PH (physiology)

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