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December 2022

Nahrungsfette in der Ernährung - Erkenntnisse über ernährungsphysiologische Qualität und ernährungstherapeutische Wirkungen

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1990; 31/7: 500-504.

Abstract: The fat consumption can exhibit considerable influence an the metabolic processes, the lipoprotein pattern of the blood, the behaviour of the blood cells in blood flow, the plasma viscosity and the microcirculation in the region in which the arterial circulation ends and the venous begins.There is a significant relations of the fat consumption to the pathogenopio of dicorders in fat metabolism, atherosclerosis and the diabetic angiopathies. Presumedly, there also exist relations between the amount of fat consumed and the pathogenesis of certain cancer diseases (cancer of the colon and the rectum, mamma carcinoma).Today the fat consumption widely exceeds the recommended amount. The portion of fat calories should not be higher than 30% of the total calories taken up with the food. But in fact, with the present nutrition this portion amounts to 4045% and within the total fat uptake the portion of saturated acids is dominating. With respect thereto corrections must be made by means of dietetic therapy. Dietetic measures are highly important in case of atherosclerotic angiopathies and diabetes mellitus. The aim is a quantitative and qualitative modification of the fat consumption. In general, a distinction has to be made between vegetable and animal fats. Among the animal fats the quality of the butter hat to be classified as favourable with respect to nutritional physiology. However, a high content of saturated fatty acids in the butter has to be taken into account in case of a hypercholesterolgemia. In such a case importance has to be assigned to natural oils of vegetable origin presses without heating which have a higher content impolyene acids and essential fatty acids.The fatty phase of margarine should contain a high percentage of vegetable oils. Various kinds of margarine are available (health food store) which are labeled to contain in the fatty phase more than 75% of non-refined vegetable oils pressed without heating.Increased attention should be paid to metabolites that are built in the organism from essential fatty acids by elongation of the carbon chain and formation of other double bonds (desaturation) and which are taken up with the food.These are especially arachidonic acid (C 20 : 4 omega 6) and eicosapentaene acid (C 20 : 5 omega 3). They are the original products from which the body derives highly active shortlived agents which, among others, positively influence the blood pressure, the coagulation activity of the blood and intensify the readiness of the thrombocytes for agglutination.Exact knowlegde about the influence of the fats taken up with the food an the functions and structures of the organism is highly important for every physician who wants to employ dietetic therapy in the sense of a natural medical treatment. With dietetic prescriptions the fat consumption cannot precisely enough be discussed with the patients.

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