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June 2023

The development of a course in osteopathy in the UK

Abstract: A Personal account is provided of the evolution of the course in osteopathy at the British School of Osteopathy during the 1980s. Selected stages in this development are discussed, together with a review Of some of the models used and other major influences. The importance Of a collective approach to course development is considered in a highly-vocational area, and the resulting course Programme is summarised and justified. A brief review of possible future developments is also given."We start, 1 say, with a problem, a difficulty...... At best we have only a vague idea what our problem really consists oŁ How, then, can we produce an adequate solution? Obviously we cannot. We must first get better acquainted with the problem. But how? My answer is very simple: by producing an inadequate solution, and by criticising it."Karl Popper

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