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May 2022

Einfluß serieller CO2-Bäder auf die Blutfluidität - eine kontrollierte Untersuchung an 802 Herz-Kreislauf-Patienten

Author(s): Resch, K., Rumpf, M.

Journal/Book: Herz/Kreisl. 1990; 22: 335-338.

Abstract: 802 patients with cardiovascular diseases or risk factors from one rehabilitation clinic were devided into 3 groups and tested for blood rheology (blood and plasma viscosity, hematocrit, red-cell aggregation and deformability) at baseline and 18 days later. One group was treated with regular CO2 baths, the other received no baths, the third received regular baths without CO2. The results show a marked-drop of blood and plasma viscosity as well as hematocrit in the CO2 group. This decrease was significantly greater than in the control groups which behaved identical. It is concluded that CO2 induces a fluidification of blood which is relevant for tissue perfusion and cannot be achieved by other therapeutical baths.

Keyword(s): CO2

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