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December 2022

Die funktionelle Heterogenität der retikulären Formation des Hirnstammes und ihre Rolle bei Funktionseinstelllungen - Ein mögliches Substrat zentraler Akupunkturwirkungen

Journal/Book: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Akupunktur. 1990; 33/05: 102-107.

Abstract: The acupuncture as a more or less specific stimulation therapy is at least efficacious at 4 levels: The local efficacy at the point of stimulation, the efficacies of segmental, hypersegmental and supraspinal integration as well as those at the integration levels of the behaviour with all aspects of conscious and unconscious interaction. The reticular formation is involved in the stimulation analysis, in the integration and the modulation of functions at all levels where nerval processes take place. Morphologically, it can very roughly be subdivided into reticula which modify roughly or in detail the sensory and vegetative input signals as well as the motor and vegetative output signals. The information channels which are influenced have narrow spectrum character (NDR cells, narrow dynamic range) or wide spectrum character (WDR cells, wide dynamic range), or wide specturm character (WDS cells, wide dynamic range), the latter with large and strongly fluctuating receptive fields and an extraordinary functional plasticity. Although the multimodal reticula are immensely complicated, zones with functionally heterogeneous associations of reticular formation can be found as shown by the example of the pontomesencephalic reticular formation. The intensifying of weakening efficacies caused by the reticular formation are potencies higher than flows of energy of fields chosen at random. Therfore, the reticular formation is a reallly functional substrate serving to understand the efficacies of acupuncture.

Keyword(s): Retikuläre Formation, funktionelle Lokalisation, Ausschaltungssyndrome, Pons, Mesenzephalon, funktionelle Plastizität.

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